Dogfrisbee or DiscDog is a canine sport discipline in which both dogs and humans interact with one or more flying discs (frisbees). This sport allows to enrich the bond with our pets, and through correct foundations, keeps our dogs' mental and physical statuses at optimum levels. And it's a fun activity for both!

Depending on the rule set under which we play, the disciplines are named diferently, changing some parameters of the sport: number and features of the discs to be used, maximum time per round, performance judging, field dimensions, etc. You can consult these and other distinctive features on our Rules section. The main disciplines are:

Photography by el fotógrafo de perros.

Freestyle consist of a music-driven choreography in which the human-dog pair will perform a set of coordinated exercises with more than one discs. In this discipline, the teams build complex movements that amaze the crowd, which are only limited by our imagination, and the countless hours of training and perfection.

Photography by Karin Sänger.

In the Distance's category, the human part of the team will have only one disc available, which she will throw succesively with the goal to have the dog make the most catches as possible in a limited time, the farther the better.