AED Halloween Party Cup 2015   Bilbao

  20-22 November, 2015

This is a Halloween party... so a costume is compulsory!

Warning: We ask you to act with the utmost caution when selecting the costume, as it can't interfere with the freestyle routines, neither pose a threat to the dog's physical well-being. During the routine, the dog can't be disguised, and its handler should take off the costume's components that could create any threat.

All the participants will vote in order to select the best team costume award.


  • 17:30 - Players meeting
  • 18:00 - Competition start


  • Main: Lawrence Frederick
  • 2nd judge: Marina Fangareggi
  • 3rd judge: Aitziber Arandia

And to sum up this terrifying event... we will organise a dinner where all the participants and their companions are welcomed, full of laughs and surprises... or shrieks, as we will have a karaoke session afterwards!

We hope to count with you all in this great event!