AED Halloween Party Cup 2016   Madrid

  5 November, 2016

The AED - Spanish Dogfrisbee Association is honored to invite you to a new edition of the AED Halloween Party Cup, a themed terrific event to get all together and close the season in a more relaxed environment.

Warning: This is a Halloween party... So a COSTUME IS COMPULSORY!

The event will start with a photocall, in which each team will show their costume and presentation. After the session, all competitors will vote for the Best team costume, which will receive a prize and the recognition of all attendees.

Later the competition will begin, this time under USDDN rules, and please take into account that the important thing is to enjoy the time with your dogs in the field, learning from others and with little care about the final score. The field size is more limited than the official standards, so the last area of the Toss & Fetch field will be removed.

Once finished, prizes will be awarded to competitors, and we will organise a dinner for all participants: and when the sun goes down, witches and spirits will raid the place, and we will have a night to remember!

Warning: Please be careful when selecting your costume, as it should not interfere with the freestyle performance, nor damage the dog in any way. During the routine, the dog can not be wearing anything, and the owner should take off any parts that might endanger the performance.

We are waiting to have a terrific night... And waiting for all of you!