As in any other sport (both canine or human), safety is fundamental when practising Dogfrisbee, in order to ensure a safe and responsible execution and avoiding the risk of injuries. Therefore, to enjoy Dogfrisbee we only need some discs specially designed for dogs (which do not harm their mouths), an obstacle-free field, and a desire to have fun.

We can also complement our training sessions with the following items:

Any sports bag, backpack, etc. will help us store all our discs while we are not throwing them or thinking about new tricks.

A neoprene vest will help our dog by providing a more estable surface, due to its tight-fitting. It will also reduce the scratches their nails might make during the performance of incredible movements.

Having both a pen and a notebook at hand will allow us to take notes about the evolution of our training, as well as writing down the new ideas we might have and that will not be forgotten in this manner. Adding a couple of permanent markers will allow us to mark our discs with a personal sign, as well as asking any competitor or judge to sign our items to have a commemorative gift.

A towel or cleaning cloth is the perfect complement. They take up little space, and let us clean our dogs after a training session, as well as our discs to avoid having them slip our hands when throwing.

Bringing fresh water and a bowl will keep the team hydrated under the most severe weather conditions.

Finally, a basic first-aid kit will allow to treat any injury in a quick fashion, providing an initial solution until we consult with a professional. To set up a well equiped first-aid kit, please consult your vet.